How to Connect PS5 to Hotel WiFi

Gaming on the go can be tricky. Whether you’re trying to relax with your family, get some practice before your tournament, or you just want to entertain yourself on a business trip, you’ll definitely want to figure out how to get internet to your console on the go. Despite the importance of the internet in the modern age, getting your PS5 to connect to the WiFi in most hotels is still a big hassle. Here’s a quick rundown on how you can get your PS5 through the hotel’s authentication so you can game with your friends.

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How to Connect Your PS5 to Hotel WiFi

If you’re already familiar with the steps to connect your PS5 to your home WiFi, you’ll be able to get through almost all of the steps that you need to perform to get your PS5 on your hotel’s wireless network. The last step can be a big doozy, however.

Hotels (and many businesses and public WiFi providers) use special network management software that requires you to open up a page with a web browser and go through a few steps before you can access the rest of the internet. In other words, you’ll want to connect your PS5 to the hotel like it’s any other network and then pop open a web browser to finish the process. Alternately, you can connect your phone to your PS5 and complete the authentication with your phone instead.

If you’re not sure exactly how to do this, here’s a comprehensive rundown of the steps involved in connecting your PS5 to hotel WiFi.

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In order to start the process, you’ll want to open your PS5’s main settings menu. It’s at the top right corner of the home screen. Select the icon, then navigate to the Network settings menu.

Set Up Connection

From the Network settings menu, look for an option that reads “set up connection.” Choose this option to proceed.

Choose Your WiFi

Clicking “set up connection” should pop open a menu that gives you the option to choose a Wi-Fi network to connect to. Find the wireless network that corresponds to the hotel you’re in. If there are a bunch of old networks saved here, you’ll probably want to delete them. These can cause problems later.

Finish Authentication

From here, you’ll get a pop-up box that says “how to authenticate.” This means you’re done with the basics and you can move onto authentication. We’ll go over a few different ways that you can guide your PS5 through the process so you can enjoy the internet at your hotel.

Authenticate Using A Phone

Surprisingly, the simplest and most straightforward method is to connect your phone to your PS5. Once you’ve got to the “finish authentication” step above, click “how to authenticate” and connect your phone to the wireless network of your PS5.

A pop up should appear on your phone that enables you to enter a password found on your PS5’s screen. Once you’ve got this password entered, the hotel’s welcome page should appear on your phone. Scroll through it and log in in order to proceed. Assuming you get your login details right, you should be good to go!

Authenticate Using The PS5’s Web Browser

Your PS5 has a fully functioning web browser built-in. Sony doesn’t like this being easy to access, however. Get your PS5 to the step where you see a “how to authenticate” button. From here, continue so that the console is still trying (but failing) to connect to the hotel WiFi.

Next, go to the main settings menu, then find the “User’s Guide, Health & Safety” menu and select it. Click the “User’s Guide” option under the User’s Guide tab, bypass any security warnings that your PS5 generates, and enjoy your totally normal web browser. If you’re connected to the hotel WiFi, you should get the hotel’s authentication web page here. You can then use your controller to scroll to the bottom and accept the hotel’s TOS or log in with your credentials. After you accept, you should be good to go!

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Call Hotel Front Desk

The hotel’s authentication page is a fancy interface that adds your device’s MAC address to a whitelist for the duration of your stay. In other words, it’s a way of getting a pass to use the internet, but it’s definitely not the only way to get a pass. If you’re willing to work with the IT professionals at your hotel, you can usually get your PS5’s MAC address added to the whitelist manually.

They’ll need you to tell them the MAC address, which will be a long string of letters and numbers found under Settings -> Network -> View Connection Status. Be sure to read them the WiFi MAC address if you’re connecting over wireless or the LAN MAC address if you’re plugging in with a wire.

This option should definitely work if your hotel has cooperative employees who have the credentials to access the hotel’s network whitelist. If you’re trying to connect your PS5 at an unusual time, you might find that there’s nobody around who can help.

Alternatively, the hotel’s IT staff might just be busy. You should use this method as a last resort and be patient and polite with the hotel employees you speak to. The receptionist may not have the training or login information to provide you with the help that you need.

Be Sure To Test Your Internet Connection

No matter which method you choose, your PS5 will be much happier if you run a quick network test before you game. Go to Settings, find the Network menu, and select “test internet connection” to perform a quick speed test. Hotel WiFi tends to be fairly slow, so don’t expect miracles here. Once the connection is finished, your PS5 will understand what it’s working with and can make appropriate decisions about what it downloads and what servers it connects to. Skipping this step can lead to unexpected problems later on.

How to Connect Your PS5 to a Wired Hotel Connection

Hotels and other public internet providers often have a webpage that they use to authenticate first-time network users. While you’re probably used to seeing this page on Wi-Fi, you can actually hit this barrier on a wired connection, too.

If you’re having issues getting your PS5 to connect to the internet with an ethernet cable at your hotel, you’ll want to follow the steps above to resolve the issue. Simply plug the PS5 in, then visit the user’s guide as detailed above. If the connection is working properly, you should see the hotel’s login page and you should be able to finish the process of getting your internet up and running. Remember to run a quick connection test to let your PS5 know that the internet is working correctly.

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Alternatives to Using Hotel WiFi For Your PS5

Hotel networks can be hit or miss. While some hotels offer great internet speeds as part of their hospitality packages, others give you terrible speeds that will make gaming difficult. If you’re at one of those hotels (or you’re still having problems getting your PS5 on the hotel wifi), you might be able to use different resources to solve the problem.

First, if you get good cell service in your room, consider using your phone as a wireless hotspot. This will let you use your phone’s internet connection from your PS5. Modern 5G connections are often faster than bad hotel WiFi, so if your phone gets good service you can often see an improvement in internet speed and quality with this workaround. That said, your PS5 can use a LOT of data, so either be very careful with what you allow your PS5 to download or make sure you’re on an unlimited data plan. If your data isn’t unlimited, be sure to set up appropriate data-saving thresholds in your phone’s settings so it cuts off your PS5 if it gets too bandwidth hungry.

Learn More About Using a Mobile Hotspot With a PS5

Second, consider seeing if you can plug your PS5 into the hotel’s internet with an ethernet cable. This option isn’t always available, but if there’s a plug you can use you’ll usually see a big improvement in your internet speed and quality. Some hotels have internet that’s totally fine but use old or underpowered routers that can’t service all of their guests at once. This means that a wired connection could massively increase the usability of the hotel’s internet. As mentioned above, you may need to use your PS5’s web browser in order to access the hotel’s authentication page.

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How to Troubleshoot Issues With Hotel Wifi On Your PS5

The PS5’s network connection menu can be confusing and difficult. In many cases, saved connections can cause problems for new connections. This means that the first step to fixing any issues you’re having should be to remove all of your old wireless networks from the network selection screen. This will force you to type your home WiFi password in again later, but it’s often the only way to get your PS5 back on the hotel’s WiFi.