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About Turbo Speed Wifi

Zachary Harper Founder

Turbo Speed Wifi is the education division of Turbo Speed Networks LLC. Our mission is to demystify the technologies of our daily lives through easy to follow, step by step tutorials, and guides. We cover a wide range of topics including privacy, home networking, gaming, and streaming. Our focus is on providing unique and original content based on our own real world, hands on experience using technology.

Our Story

Turbo Speed Wifi was founded by Zachary Harper in March of 2020 just as pandemic was reaching full strength. As stay at home orders became widespread throughout the world, many people turned to the internet to stay virtually connected while socially distanced.

Many tech related industries saw massive growth as a result of people spending more time online. Video conferencing solutions including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex grew practically overnight. Ecommerce grew at unprecedented rates with Amazon reporting a 220% increase in profits. Food delivery services including DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub grew more than 200% in 2020. Other technology areas that exploded included cloud services and online education.

As millions of people were forced to embrace technology in ways never imagined, we decided that if we could help even a small number of people better adapt to the rapidly changing tech landscape we should take action now.

We started out with nothing more than a Facebook page and a few helpful posts. We quickly increased the number of people following our posts in the coming months. In January of 2021 we launched our YouTube channel to offer a much more in depth learning environment. As of July 2021 our blog content is reaching tens of thousands of unique users per month across the globe.

Our content is unique and original. All product recommendations are based on our own real world, hands on experience. We never recommend a single product that we would not want to use ourselves.

Our Users Are Awesome

Every week we receive many YouTube comments, emails, and private messages regarding a variety of topics we cover. Some people reach out to tell us how much they have learned, or just to thank us for taking the time to answer their specific questions. We love to interact with our users. We strive to answer as many messages as possible with the most helpful information possible. We also love it when our users suggest new topics for us to create content around. It is our mission to demystify the technologies of our daily lives through easy to follow, step by step tutorials, and guides.

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