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Zachary Harper

Zachary Harper is a IT Systems Administrator with a background in Windows Active Directory and enterprise level networking design. One of my passions is helping other people make better use of the technology in their daily lives.

I grew up in the lakes region of New Hampshire where I remember from a young age being interested in computers, and early video games. One of my favorite childhood memories was using my fathers computer to play Rollercoaster Tycoon. This was on an Intel Pentium II machine with 16 MB of ram.

Now I’m able to share my passion for helping others with using technology. Whether writing about about computers, the internet, networking equipment, gaming, or other tech areas, I enjoy it when I can help someone find a way to better use a piece of technology.

Recent Accomplishments

Designing and implementing an enterprise grade disaster recovery / business continuity solution from Unitrends for a growing healthcare organization while following strict HIPAA guidelines.

Deploying a modern cloud based hosted VoIP solution to enable unified communications while cutting monthly phone costs by 43%.

Engineering and installing cutting edge a software defined networking solution to replace an aging local area network which experienced frequent outages due to hardware failure.