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Xbox Series X Dual Monitor – Is it Really Possible

The Xbox Series X does not officially support the use of dual monitors. This is much to the disappointment of some gamers. With 12 teraflops of graphics processing power, the Xbox Series X is a gaming powerhouse. With the increased graphics power comes better support for 4K and higher frame rates. Support for dual monitors was not added for either the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series X Dual Monitor
Xbox Series X Dual Monitor

Why Does Xbox Series X Not Support Multiple Monitors

One feature that a vocal minority was hoping for was multimonitor support. However, Microsoft had no choice but to try and appeal to the largest number of potential customers. This meant needing to make some trade-offs to reach an attractive price point.

Modern gaming PCs often include the ability to run multiple monitors. High-end video cards such as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 allow for crazy high frame rates even at 4k resolution.

The high-end gaming market has always been primarily PC gamers. This is not suddenly about to change. Instead of thinking of the Xbox Series X as trying to appeal to the top 10% of hardcore gamers, think of it as a gateway for new gamers and a solid midlevel alternative to a gaming computer.

For the vast majority (98 % +) of gamers, support for multiple displays would have gone unused anyways. The most compelling argument for multiple displays would be for offline multiplayer as an alternative to split screen. Offline multiplayer gaming has been declining in popularity and is not even an option in many games.

Most people are going to connect their Xbox Series X consoles to a 4K TV rather than a gaming monitor anyways. Admittedly some games, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, would be epic with support for multiple monitors.

Xbox Series X vs Gaming Computer
Xbox Series X vs Gaming Computer

How to Connect two Monitors to Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X does not officially support the use of two monitors or TVs. However, there is a workaround that can allow you to use an Xbox Series X double or even Xbox Series X triple screen setup. However, there is one major limitation, and this will be a complete deal breaker for many.

You will have to live with having the same picture on all of the screens. This is a limitation because the Xbox is only putting out a display feed for a single monitor.

To connect two or even three displays to an Xbox Series X, you will need to use an HDMI splitter. This will allow you to send the single display output signal from your console to up to three monitors or TVs. Depending on your reason for wanting multiple displays, this could be useful to you.

Xbox Series X HDMI

Xbox Series X Triple Screen

You can expand beyond having two screens to having three screens by using a three-way HDMI splitter rather than a two-way splitter. Xbox Series X triple-screen setups are possible when using the right kind of splitter.

As with the dual monitor setups, you will be limited to having the same content displayed on each of the three screens at the same time. This is not like a PC, where you can have different content on each monitor. This triple screen setup for Xbox Series X simply allows you to split the single HDMI output signal to feed three displays.

Xbox Series X Multi Screen

As we previously said, there is no multi-screen support on Xbox Series X or on Xbox Series S. When games talk about having multiscreen support; they are referring to split-screen support. This is no different than in the previous generations of gaming consoles.

This is just a difference in marketing terminology that many gamers may find confusing. Multi-screen support in games means having your screen split either horizontally or vertically and, therefore, allowing two or more players to share a screen.

This is not what most people would think of when they hear the term multi-screen support.

Conclusion: Xbox Series X Support for Multiple TVs

The choice to not support multiple monitors was likely a good choice overall. Extreme tech enthusiast is not part of the target demographics for console gaming. It has never been and probably never will. That is okay, at least the gaming experience on the Xbox Series X is first-rate.

The use of solid-state storage makes games load almost instantly. The faster load times are one of the greatest changes brought forward by the latest generation of consoles. The Xbox Series X is an amazing feet of technology, especially at its price point of only $499.

Most people are likely going to connect their Xbox Series X to a 4K TV rather than a gaming monitor anyways. Although as cool as it would be to be able to run dual 4K TVs, it is not something that most gamers would make use of anyways. They also knew that most people would not use ultrawide monitors and omitted support for those as well.

Microsoft was well aware of this and made the right choice not to focus time and money on supporting multiple displays on their net-gen consoles.