Port Forwarding PS4 – 2022 – How to Set Up Properly

Are you getting a moderate or strict NAT type on your PS4 in 2022? This is quite common but can have a negative impact on your online gaming experience. Learn how port forwarding on PS4 can help you to bypass the restrictions that NAT puts on P2P connections. Port Forwarding is a relatively simple process to set up properly. However, there is definitely a right and wrong way to set it up on PS4.

NAT is a necessary evil that can impact online gaming performance. NAT is an acronym for network address translation. NAT is essential for connecting multiple devices to a single internet connection with a single public IP address.

Most residential internet service providers only provide a single public IPv4 address. NAT is a basic function of any home network router. When properly configured NAT should not get in the way of multiplayer online gaming on PS4. There are a few different techniques to help mitigate the impacts of NAT on PS4. The best option is to configure port forwarding on your router.

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Learn More About NAT on PS4

Configuring port forwarding on your router is a relatively simple process to help your PS4 console navigate through NAT smoothly. There are several steps that need to be followed in order to properly set up port forwarding.

Step 1) Find Your Routers IP Address

The first step to setting up port forwarding is to locate the IP address of your router. It will generally begin with either 192, 172, or 10 and will likely end with 1.

You will need to complete these steps on your computer and not on the PS4 itself. You can use either a PC or Mac. It will work the same either way. If you do not have access to a computer, you could also use a tablet or smartphone. Using a computer is the best option given the small text on your router configuration settings page. If you do opt to use a smartphone or tablet just be extra careful not to accidentally change settings you did not intend to change.

First, open command prompt if you are on windows or terminal if you are on Mac. Type ipconfig into the command prompt or ifconfig into the terminal, then press enter.

Look for the result that says default gateway. Write this down as we will use this in the next steps.

Ipconfig Command 2022

Step 2) Log in to Your Router

Open your favorite web browser. I am using Chrome, but this process will also work in any modern web browser including Safari, Edge, Firefox, etc. In the address bar enter the gateway IP address you wrote down from the previous step and press enter. Make sure you enter this into your address bar and not into a search toolbar. Entering the IP address into a search toolbar will not work.

This will take you to your router’s login page. You will likely get a security warning because most routers use a self-signed SSL certificate. This is completely normal and not a cause for concern. Simply choose to proceed anyways. You may need to click advanced to expose this option if you are using Chrome or a similar option in any other browser.

Router Warning Port Forwarding PS4

Now you should reach the login page of your router. If you changed your login credentials when you configured your router you will use them here. If you did not change your login credentials you will enter the default credentials for your router. In some cases, they are printed on a sticker attached to your router. If not, simply Google the brand and model of your router and look up the default login credentials. Once you enter your login credentials successfully, you should reach the admin dashboard of your router.

Ubiquiti Router login for port forwarding

Step 3) Set Up a Static IP Address on PS4

If you have not already configured your PS4 to have a static IP address please complete this first. You must have a static IP address assigned to your PS4 console for port forwarding to work properly. This can easily be done with most routers by setting up a DHCP reservation. This is generally the easiest method of setting up a static IP address on your PS4. It will also avoid IP conflicts that can occur when a static IP address is incorrectly set up. You need to complete this step before configuring port forwarding on your PS4.

From within your router’s dashboard will want to find your DHCP settings. On some routers this will be listed under LAN settings, on others, it will be directly on the main dashboard. Your router will likely look a little different than mine, but most routers will have a DHCP settings page or menu. Once you find your DHCP settings page you will want to open it up.

Now from within your DHCP settings, you will want to find your PS4 in the list of connected devices. Depending on how many devices are connected to your router this list may be short or long. If you are unsure which device is your PS4 console you can look for the IPv4 address or MAC address that matches your console. It is very important that we correctly identify the device during this step.

Once you locate your PS4 on the list you will need to set the IP address as static. These will be called different things depending on the brand of your router. It is usually either set IP as static, reserve this IP address, create DHCP reservation, or something similar. Doing this will ensure that your PS4 is always assigned the same IP address. This is essential for port forwarding to work properly.

At this point, your PS4 has been set with a static IP address. There are no settings to change on the console when using this method, as the router is handing the static IP automatically.

PS4 DHCP Reservation for port forwarding

Step 4) Configure Port Forwarding on Your Router

The PS4 uses the following ports for online gaming.

TCP: 465, 993, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080.

UDP: 3478, 3479.

The process of setting up port forwarding for PS4 will look slightly different depending on the brand of router you are using. In most router dashboards there will be a port forwarding section or menu that you will use to do the configuration. On some routers including most Netgear routers the port forwarding section is listed under LAN settings.

Please check out this link for exact instructions based on the make and model of your router.

Step 5) Restart your PS4 Console and Check the NAT Type in a Game

Open up your favorite game and check your NAT type. It should now show as open. If it does not show as open, you may need to restart your router and then check your NAT type again. Generally, a router restart is not required but in some cases, it could be. Make sure you are checking from within a game and not using the PS4 network test. The PS4 network test will show a NAT type 2 even when your NAT type is open. Testing from your favorite game will eliminate this problem.

Once your NAT type is showing in games as open you are finished. Enjoy your improved PS4 online gaming experience. You have now successfully set up port forwarding on your PS4.


Does static IP make internet faster

No, a static IP does not make your internet faster. A static IP is simply an IP that does not change. A Static IP has no effect on speed whatsoever. Static IP addresses are useful for devices that need to be externally connected to such as web servers and FTP servers.

Does static IP increase internet speed

No, a static IP does not increase your internet speed. A static IP is nothing more than an IP that does not change. A Static IP has no effect on internet speed whatsoever. Static IP addresses are useful for devices that need to be externally connected to such as web servers and FTP servers.

Is having a static IP safe

Having a static IP address is both safe and convenient. A static IP is nothing more than an IP address that does not change. A static IP needs to be used in combination with a decent firewall to be as safe as possible. A static IP is convenient if you are going to forward ports or host a VPN server on your network. A static IP address is safe as long as you set things up properly.