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GoNetspeed Vs Spectrum – 3 Important Differences

GoNetspeed is a rapidly growing provider of 100% fiber optic based internet services to select regions of the United States. Spectrum is a real heavyweight in the internet service provider space and has service availability in portions of 42 states.

GoNetspeed or Spectrum? When all factors are considered GoNetspeed is the better option for most people. However, there are still several strong reasons to consider Spectrum as well.

Type of Technology FiberCable
Release Date19981993 Charter
2014 Spectrum
Download Speeds300 – 1000 Mbps300 – 1000 Mbps
Upload Speeds300 – 1000 Mbps10 – 35 Mbps
Latency (Ping)8 ms – 20 ms15 ms – 35 ms
Ping StabilityVery GoodGood/Very Good
Ease of SetupEasyEasy
Upfront Cost$0$0
Monthly Service Cost$55 – $90$50 – $110
Free TrialNoNo
Data CapsNoNo
Publicly Routable IP AddressExtra $10 per monthIncluded

Main Differences Between GoNetspeed and Spectrum

  • GoNetspeed uses a 100% fiber-based network, whereas Spectrum uses a fiber/coax hybrid network
  • Upload speeds are significantly faster with GoNetspeed
  • Spectrum is much more widely available in the United States
  • Pricing is similar depending on which plan you choose, GoNetspeed tends to be a bit cheaper
  • Customer service with GoNetspeed is better than with Spectrum
  • Spectrum also offers the option of bundling with TV service, phone service, or Spectrum Mobile
GoNetspeed vs Spectrum

GoNetspeed vs Spectrum: Service Availability

GoNetspeed is a smaller ISP with coverage in 9 states, including Maine, Alabama, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia. As with many internet service providers, they are working to expand their overall footprint.

You can check their official coverage on their website.

Spectrum is the second largest ISP in the United States, with coverage in 42 states. Spectrum is much more likely to have service at your home address than GoNetspeed. However, just because Spectrum has service in 42 states doesn’t mean they cover these states fully. There are still significant areas of these states that are not covered by Spectrum.

View Spectrum’s coverage area on their website to see if service is available at your address.

Pricing Comparison

Promotional PricingGoNetspeedSpectrum
Cost 300 Mbps$54.99$49.99
Cost 500 Mbps$59.99$69.99
Cost 1 Gbps$69.99$89.99
GoNetspeed vs Spectrum Price Comparison Table

GoNetspeed generally costs between $55 and $90 per month for internet service, depending on which plan you choose. These prices include discounts for autopay and paperless billing. If you do not opt in to autopay and paperless billing, your bill will be $10 – $15 per month higher.

The pricing with GoNetspeed also does not include a publicly routable IP address. If you need a publicly routable IP, it will cost you an additional $10 per month.

Spectrum Internet tends to cost about $50 – $90 per month, depending on which plan you choose to subscribe to. As with most ISPs, the faster plans, on average, cost more. Spectrum also offers promotions where you can often get a lower price for the first 6 – 12 months of service.

Once there run out, your bill increases to the full retail price. Spectrum includes a modem at no additional monthly cost. Spectrum also includes a publicly routable IP at no additionally cost.

GoNetspeed vs Spectrum Download and Upload Speeds

GoNetspeed and Spectrum both offer plans with download speeds ranging from 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Keep in mind that 1 Gbps really mean a max of 945 Mbps due to packet overhead. This is standard with all ISPs.

Real-world testing shows that both GoNetspeed and Spectrum generally deliver between 95% – 110% of advertised download speeds. This is unsurprising as generally, fiber and DOCSIS 3.1-based internet connections deliver their full advertised conditions. This is in contrast to 5G and satellite-based internet, which tends to struggle during peak hours.

Advertised Download Speed Average Download Speed Advertised Upload Speed Average Upload Speed
GoNetspeed 300 Mbps Plan 300 Mbps307 Mbps300 Mbps310 Mbps
Spectrum 300 Mbps Plan300 Mbps 332 Mbps10 Mbps12 Mbps
GoNetspeed 500 Mbps Plan 500 Mbps502 Mbps500 Mbps514 Mbps
Spectrum 500 Mbps Plan500 Mbps560 Mbps20 Mbps23 Mbps
GoNetspeed 1 Gbps Plan1 Gbps 945 Mbps1 Gbps 943 Mbps
Spectrum 1 Gbps Plan1 Gbps 945 Mbps35 Mbps41 Mbps
GoNetspeed vs Spectrum Download and Upload Speed Comparison Table

Upload speeds with GoNetspeed tend to be significantly higher than with Spectrum. This is to be expected as fiber-based internet services are generally symmetrical in nature. Spectrum currently offers a max of 35 Mbps upload speed on their gigabit plan.

If upload speed is important to you, GoNetspeed is the better option. For most people, the upload speeds offered by Spectrum are sufficient despite being drastically lower.

Latency and Stability

GoNetspeed InternetSpectrum Internet
Average Latency (Off Peak Hours)7 ms – 20 ms15 ms – 30 ms
Average Latency (Peak Hours)7 ms – 23 ms15 ms – 35 ms
Latency (Max Spikes) (Off Peak)30 ms – 35 ms40 ms – 50ms
Latency (Max Spikes)
30 ms – 40 ms40 ms – 50 ms
GoNetspeed vs Spectrum Internet Latency and Stability Comparison Table

GoNetspeed and Spectrum both offer good connection stability and low latency. Neither service had noticeable spikes in ping or in jitter, even during peak hours.

In general, the fiber network design of GoNetspeed gives it a small advantage in overall latency. However, most people would be hard press to notice any appreciable difference.

GoNetspeed vs Spectrum for Gaming

If gaming is important to you, both services are a good choice. GoNetspeed does, however, come with one caveat that you need to be aware of.

Latency and jitter are both very low with GoNetspeed and Spectrum. This makes both a solid choice for gaming. Whether you game on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, or Steam, performance is not an issue with either internet service.

The biggest difference lies in the type of IP address that is provided to you. As with most large ISPs, spectrum assigns its residential customers a dynamic, publicly routable IP address. Having a publicly routable IP address is ideal for gaming because it enables you to be able to forward ports required by your games. This is how your change your NAT type from strict to open.

GoNetspeed uses carrier-grade network translation (CGNAT( and provides you with a private IP instead. If you wish to get a publicly routable IP address with GoNetspeed it will cost you an additional $10 per month.

GoNetspeed vs Spectrum Gaming

Service Reliability

GoNetspeed and Spectrum are generally both reliable options that will have minimal downtime. Generally, fiber-based internet is going to be more reliable than internet delivered over copper wires such as coaxial cables.

That said, I did not find any major issues with Spectrum regarding downtime. During my 90-day period with Spectrum, overall reliability was 99.75%, according to Uptime Monitor. This is solid for a best-effort residential class internet service.

Based on my testing with other fiber-based internet services, I would fully expect that GoNetspeed would either match or exceed the 99.75% reliability that I was getting with Spectrum Internet.

Customer Service

Internet service providers are infamous for offering a poor customer service experience. They generally rank near the bottom of the list in terms of customer support rankings across all utilities.

Spectrum offers customer service via chat, phone, and in-person via Spectrum Stores. Overall their support was okay but not outstanding when I contacted them. Support on the billing side of things was generally acceptable. Spectrum was generally able to answer any billing questions I asked them without issue.

Tech support was lacking. Getting modem issues resolved was a difficult task that required several calls and two separate visits from a service tech.

GoNetspeed is also a mixed bag when it comes to support quality. Depending on who you talk to, you may get someone who is helpful, or you may get the usual script read to you. Based on reviews from Yelp, BBB, and Trust Pilot, I would rate GoNetspeed’s customer service as 3/5 stars.

This is slightly higher than the industry average but nothing to write home about. It is pretty average quality support.

GoNetspeed Vs Spectrum Customer Service

Who is GoNetspeed Internet Best For

GoNetspeed is a great option for anyone who lives in their service regions. They offer reasonable pricing and fast internet speeds. Upload speeds are significantly faster than with Spectrum, and download speeds are comparable across packages.

GoNetspeed is good for people who need a very reliable internet connection. If you work from home, run a business from home, or have other critical needs, GoNetspeed is a decent choice that is reasonably priced.

Who is Spectrum Internet Best For

Spectrum is suitable for most internet users, including gamers, streamers, remote workers, and more. Upload speeds are lower than with GoNetspeed, but they are fast enough for most people.

If you have access to Spectrum, it is a solid choice for home internet. Given their expansive service territory, there is a good chance that you can get Spectrum at your service address. Spectrum is also a good choice if you wish to bundle TV or phone service with your internet. Generally, this results in a significant bundle discount.

Alternatives to GoNetspeed and Spectrum to Consider

 There are a few other internet service providers that, based on my experience and first-hand testing, are also worth checking out.

Fidium Fiber Internet Review

GoNetspeed or Spectrum Internet Service

For most people, either service would be fine. Given the option of either service at my home, I would go with GoNetspeed for the faster upload speeds and increased reliability. That said, Spectrum is also a solid option.

If you intend to bundle your internet with a service such as Spectrum Mobile, you will likely see additional savings by going with Spectrum for home internet.