Xbox Series X | S Not Recognizing Ethernet Cable

Most of us know that using a wired ethernet connection on their Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S can offer a huge performance boost over using a wireless connection. Wired connections are faster and more stable than Wi-Fi connections because they are less susceptible to interference.

One common issue people run into when using ethernet for the first time on their Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S is having the ethernet cable not recognized by their Xbox. Keep in mind that the cable itself is not what gets recognized, but rather the connection at the other end of the cable. If you are not getting any connection on your Xbox Series X via ethernet there are a few likely causes.

Xbox Faulty Ethernet Port

What Causes Ethernet to Fail on Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S

  1. Improperly connected or loose ethernet cables.
  2. Faulty ethernet cables.
  3. A problem with your router or ethernet switch.
  4. A faulty network card on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S
  5. A settings mismatch on your router / switch and your Xbox console.

Improperly Connected or Loose Ethernet Cables

Let’s start with the simplest possible fix first. Make sure the ethernet cable you are using is firmly connected to your Xbox Series X | S console. Make sure the other end of the cable is firmly connected to your router or switch.

If you are using an ethernet switch, make sure the connection from the switch back to your router is also connected properly. Ethernet is a wired connection, any physical break in connectivity can cause it to not work properly or at all.

Ethernet Cable Xbox Series S

Faulty Ethernet Cables

As a general rule, ethernet cables are generally very reliable. However, it is possible for them to get damaged over time and to stop working. If your Xbox was previously working via ethernet and suddenly stopped working, it is possible the cable got damaged. It is also possible that if you pulled the cable out of a box that was kicking around the house to have a damaged cable. New cables are very unlikely to arrive damaged, but it certainly is possible.

The best way to test this is to use a different ethernet cable that you know works. If the new cable fixes the problem, than you know that the previous cable was faulty. Most people reading this article will want to simply throw away the bad cable in the garbage.

If you had the tools and the technical knowledge you could also replace and re-crimp the RJ 45 connectors on the cable. Generally the ends of the cable are what get damaged, unless the cable was severely pinched or yanked on.

If you do want to try getting a new ethernet cable, we have a few recommendations that are highly affordable and work well with the Xbox Series X | S. Check out the article by clicking on the link below.

Best Ethernet Cables for Xbox Series X | S

A Problem With Your Router or Ethernet Switch

Perhaps the most likely cause of this problem comes down to your router or switch. If your router or switch is not working properly that can cause your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S to not be able to connect via a LAN cable.

If non of your devices are working the problem is almost certainly with your router or switch. In this case you will likely need to replace the piece of equipment. You can try factory resetting it first, but that is unlikely to help given that this is most likely a hardware problem.

If your Xbox Series X | S is the only device having trouble connecting to your router or switch, try plugging into a different ethernet port. In some cases the port itself can stop working. This is especially common after a power surge or other electrical issue.

You can also troubleshoot by plugging another device into the same port your Xbox was plugged into. If that device works properly, the issue is likely not the port on your router or switch.

Ethernet Switch Xbox Series X
Ethernet Switch Xbox Series X

A Faulty Network Card on Your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S

It is possible but fairly unlikely that the ethernet card on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S is not working. This is one of the less likely causes but certainly does happen. If this is your first time using the ethernet port on your Xbox, you are especially likely to discover this.

This is simply because it could have been faulty all along and you simply wouldn’t have known because you did not try to use it.

The easiest way to test this is to connect another device directly to the ethernet cable where your Xbox is located. If that device works, the issue is with your console. If the test device does not work, the issue is likely either with the cable or the router / switch that you are connecting to

A Settings Mismatch on Your Router / Switch and Your Xbox

There are numerous settings that can be configured on your Xbox Series X | S and on your router that could cause compatibility issues. Changing settings such as the MTU, ethernet link negotiation speed, DHCP settings, and many other things could cause this issue.

. Keep in mind that if everything was working before, you made no settings changes, and this problem started recently, your problem is not settings related.

If you recently made changes to the settings on your Xbox or on your router. This is far more likely to be the issue.

If you are technically inclined you can review the settings to make sure that there are no conflicting settings. This could take some time. Otherwise just do a factory reset on both your Xbox and on your router. That will likely fix this. The default factory settings almost always work without any compatibility issues.

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If you try the factory reset and it doesn’t help. You have one of the other issues listed above, or some other issue entirely. A factory reset will take care of any settings issues.

Ethernet Router Xbox


A number of different issues can cause the ethernet to not be recognized by your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. Using the information in this article you can get a better idea of what might be causing your problem.

Using ethernet to connect your Xbox Series X | S is one of the best ways to improve your online gaming experience. Xbox Live works best when your connection is free from drops and spikes in latency (ping).