PS5 Upload Speed Slow – How to Fix

Ever since the PS5 was released, users have been experiencing oddities with their ability to upload data from their consoles. Even with very expensive gigabit internet, gamers run the built-in speed test and get much, much slower upload speeds than they expect. While other devices in the house report upload speeds of 700 Mbps or more, the PS5 seems to think that the network can only support uploads of 4-8 Mbps. So what’s going on? Let’s dive into this phenomenon and talk about what could be causing this, why this issue is hard to fix, and why it might not matter that much at the end of the day.

PS5 Upload Speed

What is Upload Speed?

The internet is a complex communication network that lets you send and receive messages. When you play a game online, your PlayStation collects data from the internet that might include the actions of other players in your game, messages from your friends, or updates to your favorite games. The rate at which you can receive information from the net is referred to as your download speed.

Your upload speed, by contrast, governs the rate at which you can transmit data to the internet. This means that the faster your upload speed is, the less time it takes your PS5 to upload a video or send a big save file to the network. In most gaming operations, however, you’re not uploading a lot of data. Your PS5 might send saves to the cloud, upload a screenshot or two, or share your button presses and game state in a multiplayer game, but it’s not in the business of uploading big files like videos, 3D assets, or databases.

Why Does my PS5 Have Slow Upload?

You should not trust your PS5’s network test when it comes to your upload speed. Instead, you’ll want to run a third-party speedtest from your PS5. The PS5 is a fully functioning computer with a built-in web browser that you can access in a couple of ways. You can go to the settings menu and pretend you’d like to sync a YouTube account to get a browser open. Once it’s open, simply ignore the YouTube stuff and type whatever you’d like into the URL. Alternately, send a message with a URL to a friend and then follow the link. In either case, you’ll be able to pop open a totally normal web browser that you can use to do normal internet things.

Once you’re here, run your favorite speedtest and see what the results are. Google’s built-in speedtest is totally fine, or you can go to and take advantage of Ookla’s service. No matter what you choose, let the test run and see what it thinks your upload is.

There’s a very, very good chance that you’ll find that your PS5 is uploading data perfectly fine. While the built-in speedtest often gives laughably slow upload numbers, you’ll probably see that the third-party test reports something that’s a lot closer to your advertised upload speed.

If you’re still getting low numbers on these third-party tests, the issue is on your end. Try running through a normal troubleshooting checklist — restart your modem, router, and PS5, make sure that your modem and router are configured properly, try changing the DNS on your PS5 to a different server, and make sure that nobody else is on your network uploading something big and hogging all of your bandwidth.

If you’re NOT still getting low numbers, however, and the third-party test gives you a much more reasonable upload speed, then the problem has nothing to do with you. Sony’s servers seem to communicate with most PS5s in a way that dramatically limits your upload, and nobody is sure why or how. At the time of writing this, there’s no magical solution for this. The problem is on Sony’s end and there’s nothing you can do.

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How Much Upload Speed Does A PS5 Really Need?

Most internet activities are very download-centric. Gaming is no different. Your PS5 needs lots of download speed to download new games, update your existing games, and stream movies and even games from the web. Your PS5 does NOT need a lot of upload speed for any of these things. In fact, you can even stream games from other devices to your PS5 without a lot of upload speed. Playing games remotely involves sending your inputs to another computer somewhere, but you hardly need any upload speed at all to share the state of your controllers.

That said, modern gaming platforms are dipping their toes into content creation and social media. You can use your PS5 to record highlights of your games and stream your games to platforms like Twitch. if you’re sharing high-definition video, these tasks require a good amount of upload speed. The actual number that you’ll require varies, but the recommended upload speed to stream is 10 Mbps. This gives you a healthy buffer over the bare minimum, so even if your PS5 is reporting 8 Mbps upload, you should be okay to stream.

Does Upload Speed Really Matter for PS5?

In most cases, you’re not using your PS5 to upload a lot of data. Online games require a fast network, sure, but they care a lot more about latency than bandwidth. In other words, they’re sending a lot of small, important messages, but they’re not sending big messages that tax your connection’s upload speed. For most gamers, your PS5 should be totally okay with an upload speed of 4 Mbps or less as long as you have a consistent, low latency connection.

If you’re streaming, however, or if you’re using PSN as a platform for sharing videos and other large files, you’ll want a good bit of upload speed. Without a lot of upload speed, you’ll be forced to stream in low definition and uploading video files will take a long time. This means that content creators, streamers, and people who exchange files on PSN will want to figure out how to maximize their PS5 upload speeds.

Many users are experiencing an issue with the built-in PS5 speed test reporting unusually low upload numbers. The good news is that this doesn’t mean your whole connection is slow, nor does it necessarily mean that your PS5 is actually experiencing low upload speeds. As mentioned above, be sure to run a third-party speed test before you panic.

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How to Increase Your Upload Speed

If you’ve got your network set up correctly, the only way to increase your upload speed is to call your ISP and upgrade your internet. Depending on your area, this might involve switching ISPs or changing to a different type of internet altogether.

In a lot of cases, however, you can get more upload speed from your network without switching your internet plan. You’ll want to run through a quick series of checks and tests to make sure that you’ve got everything set up correctly to maximize your internet speeds.

First, how is your PS5 connected to the internet? If it’s on WiFi, see if it’s on the 5 GHz band. Wireless routers use different sets of frequencies to communicate with devices, and the 5 GHz band is the fastest connection. The 2.4 GHz band is significantly slower in most situations.

In some cases, this isn’t possible. The higher speed WiFi bands send short-range signals that are easily blocked by walls and other objects. This means that if your PS5 is a few rooms over from your router, you’ll have trouble getting a reliable connection on 5 GHz. Additionally, the faster bands are highly configurable. It’s possible the person who set up your network configured your router to split up the frequencies into a bunch of different channels. This makes it easier for lots of devices to talk on your network at once, but it has the downside of slowing down the maximum upload and download speeds for each individual device. If you can, pop into your router’s configuration panel and take a look at the WiFi settings and see how things are set up.

While modern WiFi is a lot better than wireless networks of the past, WiFi is still slower and less reliable than virtually any form of wired internet. Ideally, you’d run an ethernet cable from your PS5 to your router, but if that’s not possible you can use alternatives like powerline adapters or ethernet over coaxial cable kits. All of these options are faster and better than WiFi, so if you’re troubleshooting an internet problem it’s a good idea to switch.

As far as ethernet goes, it’s important to take a few seconds to check the cables in your network. Old cat 5 cables might look similar to modern cat 5e or cat 6 cables, but they can’t support the same flow of information. If your cables are more than a decade old, it might be a good idea to slowly replace them with modern, high-speed cables. This is especially important for the cables that connect your router to your modem (if you’re using two separate devices). Otherwise, the cable going to the PS5 is the one you’ll want to test and/or replace.

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In addition to letting you configure your WiFi, your router’s configuration panel holds a number of options that can affect your upload. You don’t need to be an IT professional to skim through the configuration pages and look for anything that seems out-of-place. Look for bandwidth caps, speed caps on individual devices, or other settings that might block a connection between your PS5 and the internet. If QoS or a similar service is turned on, it’s a good idea to make sure that your router is treating your PS5 with the priority you expect.

Finally, consider changing your DNS server to something like Google or Cloudflare DNS and see if that changes anything. You can do this on your router’s configuration page (to change DNS for your whole network) or on your PS5’s configuration panel. DNS is what your PS5 uses to resolve web addresses into places where it can send information. If your PS5 is confused about where things on the internet are or your ISP’s default DNS is slow, you’ll get some unusual errors and connection issues. DNS is unlikely to be the cause of slow upload speed, but changing your DNS server takes about a minute and is almost never a bad idea trying.

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PS5 uploads speeds are generally not an issue for most gamers. PS5 simply does not upload a lot of data. The speed test built into the PS5 is also not particularly accurate. Using a 3rd party speed test is a better option for getting an accurate result. If you do want to try and improve your PS5 upload performance there are a number of things that you can try.