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Can You Put PS5 Behind TV – Must Know Information

Can you put a PS5 behind your TV? Yes. Provided there is enough room for airflow; you can put your PS5 console behind your TV. The ideal distance between the console and the wall is a minimum of 4 inches. Of course, it should also be a few inches from the TV for airflow. Your PS5 can be placed flat or upright, depending on your preference.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is a real blast. It has many amazing features that fans adore and will undoubtedly be a fantastic addition to any gaming setup. However, it’s not exactly a small console, so for people with small living spaces, the idea that it can be put behind the TV is much-welcomed news. Nevertheless, you must place your PS5 correctly to ensure the safety of your gaming accessories. For tips on how to place your PS5 console behind the TV, continue reading.

PS5 Behind TV

Is It Okay to Place Your PlayStation 5 Behind the TV

If you have enough room behind your TV, it is quite safe to position your PS5 there. Because the console is so enormous, storing it behind the TV helps to keep it out of sight. Some gamers even prefer it this way. However, if you decide to position your console behind the TV, ensure it is solid and won’t obstruct anything else. The console’s height must be considered because it’s prone to falling and tipping.

What are the PS5’s measurements?

Minus the base, the PS5 console measures around 390mm by 104mm by 260mm and weighs about 4.5kg. The base enables users to position the console either vertically or horizontally. Since it is built with an internal power source, a “power brick” is not necessary.

The PS5 system also has an Ultra HD Blu-ray DVD drive that lets you play videos from regular Blu-ray discs, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs, and DVDs, in addition to playing PS5 and PS5 Blu-ray Disc games. Quick access and use of this feature must be considered when choosing where and how to position the console.

How Much Room Will a PS5 Require Behind the TV

The PlayStation 5 requires some room behind the TV since it is one of the biggest gaming devices. As previously mentioned, the console measures 15.4″ high, 10.24″ deep, and 4.09″ wide.

Additionally, ensure enough room around the console’s sides for optimal ventilation. Powerful heat production is a side effect of the PS5’s high performance. Constant overheating can reduce the lifespan of your console, slow it down, and ruin your gaming adventure. This implies that your console needs proper ventilation to get plenty of air. Leave enough room for airflow on either side, around 5 inches.

How far away from the wall should your PS5 console be

To ensure optimum ventilation, there must be room for airflow on all sides. The manufacturer advises keeping a minimum of 4 inches between the console and the wall.

Other recommendations for proper ventilation include:

  • Put nowhere that is too small or confined.
  • Don’t cover it with a cloth.
  • Don’t let dust accumulate on the vents. Dust accumulation can be prevented by regular vacuuming.
  • Keep off long-fiber carpets and rugs.

Mounting Options

Should the PlayStation 5 lie down or stand up behind the TV? Finding the ideal location for the PS5 in your house can be challenging because it is one of the largest gaming consoles ever. The good news is that there is more than one way to mount the PS5.

The PS5 may be placed behind the TV in any location, so how you choose to do it is a question of preference. The best choice for your home arrangement may be to set it up horizontally on its base if you lack enough room to position it vertically.

Indeed, some gamers who fear their console might be knocked over when standing upright in the home’s entertainment center opt to place it with their sides down behind the TV. But several gamers say the upright position is ideal for reducing body temperature.

However, whether the PS5 is placed vertically or horizontally, the base must always be used to raise it off the surface. Also, the vents should face backward to maintain the desired temperature and level of noise.

Some people might decide to use a clever solution to install their PS5 on the wall. This is often accomplished using mounting devices. Either way, mounting your PS5 on a wall or placing it behind the TV offers several advantages.

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What are the advantages of putting my PS5 behind or next to the TV

There are many benefits to mounting or positioning your console behind the TV. Take a look:

This frees up space in the entertainment center

The PS5 has a few features, including its size, which is considerably greater than the previous console generations. As a result, it occupies a substantial amount of room in the TV stand, particularly if you also have extra consoles, stereo equipment, and other items. By mounting or placing your PS5 behind the TV, you can clear up any extra space in your entertainment space for tidying up your controllers, cords, and other accessories.

Improved ventilation

Your console won’t get enough airflow if you put it on the floor, which may result in overheating. Mounting or placing the TV behind improves ventilation by allowing air to circulate from the bottom and the top. Keeping your PS5 higher can also prevent dust accumulation, which can block the vents, resulting in overheating.

Keep away from children and pets

There’s a good chance you’ve feared for your PS5’s safety if you’ve got children or pets. Sadly, kids aren’t exactly known to be careful when playing around pricey equipment. If you are careless about where you place your console, don’t get mad when kids accidentally spill liquids on it or topple it off the stand. By placing your PS5 behind the TV or mounting it, you can prevent it from falling over, being trodden on, or having something spilled or dropped on it.

Organize cables

Your TV stand will likely have several cables that will become tangled if you keep many items. Dealing with tangled cables can be immensely frustrating. Consider all the occasions you’ve peered behind the TV and noticed tangles of cables, unsure which one is connected to which. The ideal solution to handling and arranging those cords is to place your console somewhere else, ideally behind the TV or mounted on the wall. That way, you can organize and make it easier to trace cables. If you are using an ethernet cable that is longer than really needed, you may want to consider swapping it out. Check out our recommended ethernet cables for PS5.


Convenience is another benefit of mounting your PS5. Let’s say the outlet is not near enough to your TV stand. You can gain extra room with a wall mount, which allows the cords to extend slightly. By mounting your PS5, you’ll also have fewer cords to manage and a neater aesthetic when you plug it into the TV.

If you lack enough room behind the TV and don’t have the money to buy a nifty mounting device, then you can simply place the PS5 in an available space in your cabinet. However, you’ll need a long HDMI cable if it’s a significant distance from the TV.

Is Playing a PS5 While It’s in a cabinet Safe

PlayStations naturally warm up when being used, and they are more likely to overheat if they are kept in a cabinet where the hot air would accumulate over time. Using your console while in a cabinet is not recommended; still, it’s not wholly unsafe. Depending on how you maintain it, overheating can be avoided.

How to keep the PS5 console in a cabinet

Adequate airflow is necessary for PS3 consoles to continue functioning optimally. The device may slow down, lose your game data, or interrupt multiplayer campaigns due to overheating brought on by heat buildup from poor storage in a cabinet. If the issue continues, the internal parts of the console may even sustain irreparable damage.

Maintain adequate ventilation.

Ventilation is important. Cooling fans will work more efficiently if you store your console upright in a cabinet. By doing this, you can stop your PlayStation from overheating. When you place your PS5 on its side, the exhaust functionality will decrease, resulting in frequent overheating. Keep your PlayStation 5 standing upright at all times. If you experience problems, you can add another cooler.

Unclog the air vents regularly

Check to see that the air vents aren’t clogged. Dust, fur lint, and other debris buildups can obstruct the free passage of air by clogging the console air vents. This is a typical cause of overheating. You can avoid inadequate ventilation by constantly cleaning the console air vents and removing any obstructions.

Avoid shelving in narrow or cramped spaces

Ensure that the cabinet is not overly small. Even if keeping your console in a home locker isn’t great in and of itself, having it wedged between many items would be even worse. It would be better if you kept it on a separate shelf with enough room for airflow instead of cramming it on one shelf full of your other belongings.

Keep it in low power mode

When possible, keep your PS5 in low-power mode. Microsoft developed the low-power mode as a feature to limit excessive energy consumption. Your PS 5 will totally shut down if you switch it to low-power mode instead of the default mode. This will give it a break from all the demanding gaming activities, which is important for its general health.

You can also maintain proper ventilation by periodically leaving the cabinet open so that air can flow freely. However, having to open the cabinet frequently to allow your console to get air can be quite cumbersome. The only other choice is to keep it somewhere else. It will spare you headaches both now and in the future by preventing overheating from shortening the lifespan of your PS5.

Other FAQs About PS5 Storage

Why is my PS5 getting so hot? The PS5 usually warms up when you play, but since it has a powerful cooling mechanism, it shouldn’t get too hot. There are a few unusual exceptions, though. However, if your console is overheating, there may be an easy fix—just open it up and clean the fan, take it in for service, or change how it’s set up.

In any case, an overheated PS5 console is not good. It might impair its functionality and eventually harm the device irreparably. In fact, you’ll get an official error notice that reads, “PS5 is too hot.”

Putting the device in enclosed spaces or exposing it to excessive dust are the two frequent potential culprits. A console overheating is unavoidable if you’re not operating it in the proper environment. As already mentioned, you want to maintain proper ventilation. If you keep your console behind your TV, then make sure that:

There’s enough room for the console to have some space around the sides for proper ventilation. Leave about 5 inches of room on all sides. Avoid putting your console in a small, confined space or covering it with a cloth.

Additionally, remember to clean the vents to avoid dust accumulation. The distance between the gadget and the wall is at least 4 inches. If the PS5 is set up properly but continues to have extremely high-temperature problems, you have two options. Either there is a significant internal equipment malfunction, or the interior is too dusty. If the latter is the case, a thorough cleaning will restore functionality. Use a moderate vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt from the console air vents.

Sony advises using this simple fix, which doesn’t involve prying the console. But you might have to open it if dust is lodged deep inside. The procedure, though, can potentially violate your warranty, so we advise exercising your warranty instead, speaking with Sony customer service, or having the console serviced.

How much space does ps5 need for ventilation? Sony recommends Placing you PS5 console at least 10 cm (4 in) away from any wall surfaces. Do not place in a narrow or cramped space. This could cause the console to overheat. Make sure the vents are completely free from any obstructions.


Placing a PS5 gaming console is one of the best ways to free up space on the TV stand and also keep the device out of reach of pets and children. You just have to be careful how you position it and ensure there’s enough room for ventilation. You can also mount your PS5 on the wall or place it on a shelf inside a spacious cabinet. Both options will reduce clutter on your TV stand and allow you to organize your cables and other accessories for a tidier entertainment center.