What is the Most Accurate Internet Speed Test – 2021

What is the most accurate internet speed test? The simple answer is non of them. The real answer is it depends on a lot of factors. Many popular speed test websites including speedtest.net and fast.com will measure your speed in different ways and give very different results.

That does not mean that one is the more accurate internet speed test it just means that the testing procedure is different. They are focused on completely different information. Here are some of the most popular speed testing websites compared.

1) Speedtest.net

Speedtest.net is about testing your internet connection under ideal conditions to a server that is close to you geographically. This will often result in a higher result than seen on other speed tests. This does not make it more or less accurate of a speed test.

The best use of Speedtest.net is to determine if you are getting the internet speeds you are subscribed to. You should be getting at least 80% of the speed you are subscribed to if you are testing over a wired connection or over WiFi for subscriptions less than 200 Mbps. If you are getting significantly less something is wrong. It could be with your internet service provider or it could be with your device.

Speedtest.net is one of the leading websites for measuring internet bandwidth. It is one of the most accurate internet speed tests.

Internet Speed Test Fast

2) Xfinity Speed Test

The Comcast Xfinity speed test is very similar to Speedtest.net except it tends to produce a slightly lower result in most cases due to the way the test is run. It is no more or less accurate it is just a different testing methodology.

The Xfinity Speed Test is great even if you do not use Xfinity internet service. It is a great test to run in tandem with Speedtest.net. Generally your results will be within 10% of each other.

Remember that this test is really only accurate if you are using a wired ethernet connection or a WiFi connection for internet plans under 200 Mbps.

Xfinity Speed Test Blazing Fast

3) Fast.com

Fast.com is a unique speed test. It is run by Netflix and tests your internet connection to Netflix’s servers. This is useful for troubleshooting Netflix streaming issues. Results are generally going to be lower than on the other speed testing websites. For this reason I would not recommend using Fast.com as a general speed test. I would however recommend Fast.com for troubleshooting Netflix streaming issues.

The results tend to be much lower particularly if have a very fast internet connection. A 4K Netflix stream uses a maximum of 25 Mbps. For this reason they have no interest in whether you are getting anything higher than that. The speed test does not accurately measure speeds over 100 Mbps.

Fast.com is not the most accurate internet speed test but it is definitely helpful in troubleshooting streaming issues. If you are getting less than 5 Mbps you may have issues streaming in HD and if you are getting less than 25 Mbps you may have issues streaming in 4K.

Fast.com Fast Speed

Overall speed testing websites give a good general overview of your internet connection speed but do not always give the most accurate results. If you want to get a more accurate real world result downloading a large file from a fast server and calculating your speed is your best option by far.