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Is Accurate

As a society, the internet has become an increasingly important part of our daily lives. Sometimes websites just don’t load as quickly as we would like or Netflix freezes and buffers. A go to tool many of us turn to is internet speed testing websites or mobile apps. There are many speed testing websites that claim to be able to accurately measure your internet speed. Although no internet speed test is overly accurate, some are definitely more accurate than others. Ookla’s is far and away the most popular speed test, virtually everyone has used the website at one time or another. There are however a number of other speed test options. Is (speed test) accurate?

Yes, is accurate. At least as accurate as a speed test website can actually be. offers several advantages over most other internet speed testing websites, including more server locations, and a test of your upload bandwidth (speed) along with your download bandwidth (speed). also measures your latency (ping) which is especially important for gaming.

Is Accurate is a powerful tool that is provided by Ookla. Ookla is a leading research and solutions provider for the internet / telecom industry. They connect you to a network with over 11,000 hosted speed test servers. This means that you most likely have a server nearby for the most accurate testing.

Ookla’s speed test is also unique in allowing you to choose any server you want. If you wish to test your internet connection speed to a server on the other side of the world, is the tool for you. Keep in mind that you will likely not see maximum speeds when choosing a far away server. Keep in mind, that when you choose a server that is far away you are not really testing your own internet connection speed but rather the throughput of slowest part of the path between you and the server.

The speed advertised by your internet service provider (ISP) is really just the speed from your modem / router to their internal network. It also doesn’t means that the server you are downloading from is sending you your data at a fast speed. This is one of the reasons that you can have a fast internet connection and still have downloads that take a long time to complete. Your internet speed is only a single piece of the puzzle. It is also the only piece you have some control over.

Cable Modem Speed Test does a great job of allowing you to see the quality of your internet connection to just about any spot on the globe. This is what truly sets Ookla’s speed testing service apart from the competition. When it comes to basic testing is no better or worse than most speed testing services. What makes speed test amazing is the amount of different server that are available across the globe.

One of the best uses of is to determine if you are getting the internet speeds you are subscribed to. You should be getting at least 80% of the speed you are subscribed to if you are testing over a wired connection.

If you are getting significantly less than 80% of the bandwidth you are subscribed to something is wrong. It could be with your internet service provider or it could be with your device. Reach out to your internet service provider (ISP) for assistance.

It may also be a good idea to verify and cross reference your results with another speed test such as the Xfinity speed test from Comcast.

Xfinity Speed Test Accuracy


  •    It has been around since 2006 and has a good track record for accuracy.
  •    Users can test their speed to over 11,000 server locations around the world.


  •    Some internet service providers have been know to prioritize traffic to the site.
  •   The site has a large number of ads and uses tracking cookies.

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A More Accurate Way to Test Your Internet Speed

It should also be noted that the most accurate way to measure your download speed is to download a large file from a server with known fast download speeds and to calculate your internet speed. The formula for calculating download speed is a follows.

File size in gigabytes, multiplied times one thousand, multiplied times eight, divided by time in seconds equals your download speed in megabits per second. This is the standard unit of internet bandwidth (speed). If you time is in minutes convert it to seconds prior to dividing by multiplying by sixty. For example if a 2.2 gigabit file downloaded in 2 minutes 11 seconds it would look like this.

3.5(1,000)(8) = 28,000

3 minutes 18 seconds = 198 seconds

28,000 / 198 = 141.41

Your internet speed would be 141.41 megabits per second. This is the most accurate way to test your internet speed. Just make sure the server you are downloading from is fast enough to not limit the test. Downloading a Linux ISO from a large university is a good method for finding a fast server for your test.

Conclusion gives a good general overview of your internet connection speed, but as with any internet speed testing website, does not always give the most accurate results. If you want to get a more accurate real world result, downloading a large file from a fast server and calculating your speed is your best option.

Which Speedtest is most accurate is the most accurate speed test website. However, there are many factors involved including the load on the server and the amount of traffic between you and the server. Ookla’s speed test is not 100% accurate, nor is any other internet speed testing website.

Does Speedtest net lie does not lie. However, speed tests are not always the most accurate way of measuring speed. By far the most accurate way to measure your download speed is to download a large file from a server with known fast download speeds and to calculate your internet speed. is a good as any other speed test website.

Is fast com or Speedtest net more accurate is much more accurate than as a general purpose speed test. is useful for testing your throughput to Netflix and that is about it. If you have a faster internet connection will give you an artificially low result. is the more accurate speed test.