Is NAT Type 2 Good for PS5

NAT type 2 is good for ps5. With a NAT type 2 all services should work as designed and you will not experience connection issues. Unlike NAT type 1 which requires a public IP address assigned to your PS5, NAT type 2 is obtainable even when connect through a router.

For most gamers NAT type 2 offers the best balance of performance, functionality, and security. It also means that you do not need a dedicated public IP address just for your PS5.

Given that most residential internet service providers only provide a single public IP address this is a good thing. I doubt you want to have to disconnect all of your other devices just to use your PS5. I also doubt that most of you want to pay your ISP extra for a second public IP address.

PS5 NAT Type 2

NAT Type 2: What Does it Mean

NAT type 2 on PS5 means that your console is properly connected behind a router that is preforming NAT and traffic is flowing smoothly. NAT Type 2 is the goal when setting up a PlayStation 5 Console.

NAT type 2 means the following is true:

  • Your PlayStation 5 is behind a router performing NAT.
  • Your router is aware of your PS5 and is routing packets on specific ports properly to your PlayStation.
  • Your PS5 is able to properly connect to other players.
  • You will have no issues being the host of multiplayer lobbies in most games.
  • Video, voice, and chat features will work properly and without limitations.
  • You can get an Open NAT type in games.

It is very common to have a NAT type 2 and get Open NAT type in games. This is optimal for most gamers. It is also possible that with a NAT type 2 you could be getting a moderate or even strict NAT type in games. This is because games use specific ports and depending on how your router is configured, the ports may or may not be blocked.

NAT Type 2 Router

How to Get Open NAT in games on PS5 with a NAT Type 2

There are several ways to change your NAT type to open in games while having a NAT type 2 on your PlayStation console.

  1. Set up port forwarding on your router. This is the most secure way of changing your NAT type in games to open. It is also the most technical to configure. Learn how to set up port forwarding on PS5.
  2. Enable UPnP from the settings dashboard of your router. This is generally the least technical way to change your NAT type to open on a Sony PS5.
  3. Put your PS5 in the demilitilarized zone (DMZ) of your router. This will forward all ports to your console and get you an open NAT type.
  4. Use a VPN service with a static IP address such as NordVPN.

Keep in mind that this will open your NAT type in games while keeping a NAT type 2 in the PS5 settings menu. This is what you want to do. This will not give you a NAT type 1, and that is perfectly fine.

Why NAT Type 2 is Good on PS5

The follow are reasons that NAT type 2 is best for PS5.

  1. Allows you to get an Open NAT type in games.
  2. Doesn’t require a dedicated public IP address.
  3. Does not expose your PS5 to the security risks associated with a NAT type 1.
  4. Video, voice, and chat features will work properly and without any limitations.
  5. You will often be selected as the host for online multiplayer matches.


 There is no benefit to having a NAT type 1, as long as you are getting an open NAT in the games you play. NAT type 2 is best for PS5.

Fortunately getting a NAT type 2 on PS5 is easily obtainable by most people. If you have a NAT type 3 on your PS5 you can be sure that you are getting good performance. If you want to take it a step further, make sure your NAT type is open in the games themselves. This will vary by game, as different games tend to use different ports.