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How to Travel With a PS5

Many travelers choose to bring their Sony PlayStation 5 with them to their destination. As with most things travel-related, planning is everything. The last thing you want is to accidentally damage your PS5 because you did not properly protect it.

You will also make sure the TV in your hotel will support connecting a console. Many do, but some don’t. Hotels usually use special hospitality TVs that are not like the ones used in homes. Planning is the single most important step you can take to set yourself up for success. Here are some key tips on how to travel with a PS5 in 2022.

Packing Your PS5 in Your Suitcase

The way that you pack your PS5 console in your suitcase will play an important factor in preventing damage while traveling. This is especially important if you are flying but also applies to other modes of travel. There are several ways that you could pack your console in your suitcase.

Use the Original Packaging

If you still have the original box that your console was packaged in, you may want to consider using it to protect your console in your suitcase. The packaging that the PS5 comes in is perfect for this. If you recently purchased a console and still have the box, you may wish to save the box for travel. This is the easiest way to box up your console and offers a great level of protection.

Once your console is in its original packaging, you can simply place it in your suitcase, making sure it is unable to slide around. Do not tape the box shut if you are flying, and plan on putting your console in your carry-on suitcase. Generally, you will be required to take your console out of the box at the TSA security checkpoint. If you have TSA PreCheck, you may not need to take it out, but in some cases, you still may be required to.

Use a Box of Suitable Size

If you do not have the original packaging, another great option is to use a cardboard box of a similar size. Place your console in the box and use packaging material to protect it on all sides.

I generally prefer to use air cushion pillows for padding as they are environmentally friendly and do not make a mess the way that foam often does. Once again, do not tape the box shut if you are flying, and plan on putting your console in your carry-on suitcase.

Pack it in Your Suitcase Without Using a Box

Your final option when traveling with a Sony Ps5 is to not use a box at all. This is perhaps the riskiest option since it could leave your console vulnerable to damage, especially if you are flying. With this method, you are going to want to place soft objects on all sides of your console. Clothes, towels, and other fabrics work well for providing padding.

This option is probably best suited to a road trip where you are the only person handling the suitcase. You will want to take extra care to ensure that nothing can fall on the suitcase. This packing option offers the least protection and would not be my preferred option.

Suitcase PS5

Can I Bring a PS5 on a Plane

According to the transportation security administration (TSA), you are permitted to bring a Sony PS5 console on an airplane. You will, however, need to abide by some basic rules that apply to all electronics. You will also be required to bring your controller(s) in your carry-on bag since lithium batteries are not permitted in checked luggage.

Can you Bring a PS5 on a Plane as a Carry-On

According to the transportation security administration (TSA), you are permitted to bring a Sony PS5 console on an airplane in a carry-on suitcase. Treat it like a laptop when going through the security checkpoint. Put your PS5 in its own bin to be scanned. Putting your PS5 in a carry-on suitcase is the safest option if you want to ensure that your console does not get damaged.

If you opt to put your PS5 in a box, do not seal it up. You will need to take your console out at the airport security checkpoint.

Can I Carry PS5 in Checked Luggage

According to the transportation security administration (TSA), you are permitted to bring a Sony PS5 console on an airplane in your checked luggage. Keep in mind that just because you are allowed to doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea.

Putting your PS5 in a checked bag greatly increases the risk of something getting damaged. Checked luggage has a tendency to get tossed around roughly. If you can avoid putting your console in a checked bag, that would be preferable. Even the Baggage carousels can cause damage. Some airports use chutes that essentially drop your bag onto the carousel.

If you must put your PS5 in your checked suitcase, you will want to make sure that you take extra precautions to keep your console from getting damaged. Using a box would be highly recommended.

It is also possible to have your checked luggage get lost or delayed in reaching your destination. This is not super common but it definitely happens from time to time.

Tips for Navigating the TSA Security Checkpoint with a PS5

Make sure that you can easily remove your console from your suitcase. Just like a laptop, you are generally going to be required to take your console out of your bag when placing it on the conveyor belt to get x-rayed.

It is recommended by the TSA that you put your PlayStation 5 console in its own bin to be scanned. If you forget to take it out, you will likely be pulled aside while your bag gets searched by hand. Depending on how busy the checkpoint is, this can add substantial time to the security screening process.

If you have TSA PreCheck you generally do not need to remove electronics, but on rare occasions, you may still be asked. Therefore it is best to still pack your console in such a way that you can easily take it out if necessary.

Travel With PS5

Connecting Your PS5 to Your Hotel Room’s TV

Connecting your console to your hotel’s TV is generally a straightforward process. In most cases, all you will need is an HDMI cable. Make sure you pack an HDMI cable of a suitable length. Generally, a minimum of 6 feet is recommended.

You will likely need to change the input on the TV. Generally, this can be done with the remote control. In some cases, the input can only be selected using buttons on the TV itself.

In some cases, you will run into issues using the TV in your hotel room with your console. This is because most hotels, especially larger hotel chains, tend to use special hospitality TVs that are heavily locked down. On some of these hospitality TVs, you are not able to change the input to the HDMI input. This will prevent you from being able to connect a console to the TV in your hotel room. If you find yourself in that situation, you will want to check with the hotel’s front desk. Often times they are able to change a setting to make it work.

If using your PS5 console at your hotel is important to you, it would be a smart idea to call the hotel prior to making your reservation and making sure that it will be possible. Once again, planning is the most important part of the process when traveling with your PS5.

PS5 Hotel TV

Connecting Your PS5 to Your Hotel’s WiFi

If you want to play online from your hotel room, you have a few options for connecting to PlayStation Network, each with its own pros and cons.

Option 1) Connect Your PS5 Directly to the Hotel’s WiFI

This is how most people think of connecting their console to the internet in a hotel room. This is a great option in many cases but may not always be possible. This method works great if your hotel uses a WPA 2 password to connect to the WiFi rather than a captive portal. This is more common in smaller, independently owned hotels. Most large chains use captive portal-based authentication. Authenticating through a captive portal is usually possible on a PS5.

Another option is calling the front desk and giving them the MAC address of your console. This works in some cases, but not all hotels are set up to do this.

The other issue with using the WiFi provided by your hotel is network congestion. Hotel WiFi is notoriously slow. In many cases, your online gaming performance will not be as good as you would expect. This is quite common and almost to be expected. Your NAT type will most likely also be a NAT type 3 when using your hotel’s WiFi.

Option 2) Use Your Phones Mobile Hotspot

If you have great cell phone service in your room and a cell phone plan that includes mobile hotspot data, using your mobile hotspot could be a viable option. It eliminates any of the issues associated with using the hotel’s WiFi, including captive portal issues. In many cases, your mobile hotspot will actually provide a better gaming experience than the hotel’s WiFi. This is especially common when hotels are really busy, and lots of people are all fighting over the WiFi bandwidth.

The downside is that it requires having a cell phone plan that includes mobile hotspot. It also requires you to be mindful of your data usage, as most cell phone plans only offer a certain amount of hotspot data per month. Fortunately, online gaming does not use that much data per hour as long as you do not download any massive updates. Using a mobile hotspot is especially attractive if your stay is going to be relatively short.

If your console is not able to be connected to your hotel’s WiFi, a mobile hotspot could be the best option to get connected. Remember that using a mobile hotspot will generally result in a NAT type 3 due to the nature of the technology.

Mobile Hotspot PS5

Option 3) Use a Carrier Provided WiFi Hotspot

If you subscribe at home to internet services such as Spectrum or Xfinity (Comcast), your subscription often includes the use of their public hotspots. In many areas, these hotspots are widely available. If you have a subscription that includes this feature, this could be a great option, especially if your hotel’s WiFi is not working very well.

In many cases, this option will provide you with the fastest connection. If your hotel’s WiFi is unusable or just too slow, this is a great option to consider.

Conclusion: Safely Traveling With a PS5

Safely traveling with a PS5 is not difficult as long as some simple steps are taken to protect your console from damage and you know the rules.

Knowing if your hotel room has WiFi that is compatible with Play Station Network (PSN) is also important if you plan to play online without using a mobile hotspot.

If you do opt to use your phone’s hotspot feature, be aware of your data usage and any potential caps or overage fees.

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