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How To Fix PS4 Error Code NP-31950-8

The Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) can display a variety of error codes when a network connection issue occurs. NP-31950-8 is a relatively common error code that can occur on PS4 for a couple of reasons. I have personally encountered this issue on my PS4 and was forced to learn how to fix it.

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you all about this error code, what it means, and most importantly how to fix it.

PS4 Error Code NP-31950-8

What Does The PS4 Error Code NP-31950-8 Mean

At the core of it NP-31950-8 simply means that your connection to the Sony PlayStation Network servers has timed out. However, there is certainly more nuanced than that. There are also other error codes that can be displayed to indicate a similar problem.

 Users of the PS4 frequently see the issue when they repeatedly get thrown out of party chats. The accompanying error message says, “There was an issue connecting to the Network of the PlayStation. “The connection of the network has timed out during the PSN process.”

What Causes The Error

The error primarily occurs due to a couple of important network issues.

  1. NAT Traversal Issues
  2. DNS Name Resolution Issues

NAT Traversal Issues

NAT is an acronym for network address translation. NAT is used as a way to map private (internal) IP addresses to public (WAN) IP addresses before routing data packets between them. Any network that allows multiple devices to share a single public IP address uses NAT. Virtually all home networks are using NAT.

Many games use peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. The nature of P2P technology means that your device i.e. Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch, etc. needs to act as both a server and a client. Your device also needs to accept connections initiated by other gamers that you are playing with/against. These are connections coming from outside of your network, NAT by default wants to drop these packets.

Game developers and engineers use a variety of techniques to help with NAT traversal. This is why games using P2P technology are generally able to work on networks using NAT. Engineers work hard on designing games to navigate through NAT as best as possible. The problem is that the nature of NAT will never allow for full end-to-end communication as P2P technology expects.

Verizon Router Error Code NP-31950-8

Your PS4 Has 3 different NAT Types

● Type 1: On PS4 this means there’s no firewall or router between the system and the Internet; therefore, connecting to other PS4 devices shouldn’t be a problem. Your PS4 has a public IP address assigned to it.

● Type 2: This is a properly set up network using a router. In general, there won’t be any issues because the system is correctly connected to a router and NAT traversal techniques are working properly.

● Type 3: This is when you can generally expect problems to occur. NAT Type 3 means that for one reason or another, NAT traversal is failing, voice chat and connectivity issues may occur. This is most common if you are double NATTED (behind 2 routers). It can also be caused by certain firewall settings.

How NAT Type Affects Error Code NP-31950-8

If you have a NAT Type 3 you are more likely to experience NP-31950-8 when using features such as party chat or voice chat. You will want to change your NAT Type to NAT Type 2. Fortunately, this process is usually not overly difficult. Generally, it will involve making sure you are only using a single router and if necessary set up port forwarding.

Learn How to Change Your PS4 NAT Type to NAT Type 2

DNS Resolution Issues

The other common cause of error code NP-31950-8 on PS4 is due to failed name resolution. This could be caused by a temporary DNS server outage or by a network configuration issue. The first thing you should try is restarting your PS4 and your router.

If this doesn’t work, you may want to try manually setting your DNS server on your PS4. For this, I personally recommend using Cloudflare DNS. They offer great performance, and also value your data privacy.

Use the following DNS servers: | Primary | Secondary.

Manually Setting Your DNS Server on a PS4 Console

Open up your network settings and then select set up internet connection.

PS4 Set Up Internet Connection

Then you will select if you are using a LAN cable or WiFi. If you are using WiFi you will scan and connect to it now. For this example, I am using a LAN cable and can skip this step.

From here I will choose a custom setup. If you choose easy you will not be able to enter your DNS server settings.

For IP address settings choose automatic and do not specify a DHCP hostname.

For DNS settings choose manual.

PS4 Manual DNS

Enter your primary and secondary DNS servers. I recommend trying and for most people. However if you want to you can lean about other options for DNS servers for PS4.

PS4 Secondary DNS

Next, you will want to choose automatic MTU settings and not to use a proxy server.

From here you will reach a screen to test your settings. When this test completes you will get a connection success or a connection failure. Please note that the PS4 speed test is useless and not accurate in any way. We recommend testing using a proper internet speed testing service.

Lastly, it will show your network configuration. Check to make sure the DNS server is what you manually entered. It will look something like what is seen below but with your configuration.

PS4 Network Configuration

From here your setup is now complete. You have successfully changed your DNS server on your PS4.

Other Things That May Fix Error Code NP-31950-8

  1. Check if your PS4 setup is up to date. Simply go to Settings, then System, and finally Software Update.
  2. If you have a recent PS4 that connects via 5GHz WiFi, consider switching it to 2.4GHz WiFi.
  3. Reset your PS4 and the router if all the above solutions fail.
  4. Contact your internet service provider (ISP).


NP-31950-8 is a common PS4 connection timed-out error that can originate from a variety of sources. You can tackle the problem by trying out several solutions. For most people changing their DNS servers and fixing their NAT type will solve this problem.