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How to Connect Xbox Series X | S to TV Without HDMI

HDMI has become an integral part of the modern gaming console setup, and it is not difficult to understand why. HDMI was first introduced in the seventh generation of consoles and has remained an integral part of gaming due to its ability to handle high resolutions and high refresh rates.

Most modern game consoles, including the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, lack any other video outputs. The Series X and Series S both contain the same input / output ports. There may be some situations where you wish to connect your Xbos to a TV or monitor display that lacks HDMI support.

Xbox Series X Rear Ports

Can You Connect an Xbox Series X To a Display Without HDMI

Uses there are a number of options for connecting an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S without using an HDMI cable.

Depending on what video inputs your TV or monitor supports, you will need to use a suitable adapter or signal converter. You will want to use the best quality connection that your display will support.

In general order of preference, these are the connections to consider.

  • Displayport
  • DVI
  • VGA
  • Component Video also known as YPbPr
  • S-Video
  • Composite video also known as RCA jacks
  • Coaxial cable / RF

Using DisplayPort to Connect Xbox Series X to Monitor

DisplayPort is an interface used primarily in the PC and chipset industry to replace the FPD-Link, VGA, and DVI interfaces. Given the origins of DisplayPort, it is not uncommon to find them on many PC monitors. DisplayPort is less common in the home theater world and, therefore, less commonly found on TVs.

DisplayPort is the best HDMI alternative for connecting your Xbox Series X to a high-resolution display.

HDMI to DisplayPort cables and HDMI to DisplayPort adapters are relatively inexpensive. They also preserve the original quality of the picture.

If you need an HDMI alternative that offers the best possible picture quality, DisplayPort is your best option. If you use DisplayPort, your picture will look way better than if you used an older legacy connection.

HDMI to DisplayPort Xbox Series X
HDMI to DisplayPort Adapter for Xbox Series X

How to Connect an Xbox Series X and S To a DisplayPort Device

Given the popularity of DisplayPort in the PC gaming space, some were expecting the feature to be included on the latest generation Xbox consoles.

Still, HDMI 2.1 remains the only output available on the Series X and S. Although it is possible to connect an Xbox Series X to a device with a DP connection, an adapter will be required.

Those wanting to connect their console to a monitor with DP support must also be aware that the resolution support will not be the same.

In most instances, gamers using an adapter can only enjoy the benefits of HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2. HDMI 2.1 supports several video resolutions,

However, if you are a PC gamer wanting to obtain the full value from your DP monitor, then an HDMI to DP adapter is a great solution for connecting an Xbox Series X.

Connect Xbox Series X Using Digital Visual Interface (DVI)

Digital Visual Interface is a connection created by the Digital Display Working Group in 1999. The connection aimed to replace the analog VGA connection. Much like with VGA, DVI does not carry audio.

From an electrical aspect, DVI and HDMI are the same. This allows the technology to be used on devices like cable boxes without restrictions. DVI is a great option for a video-only connection to a monitor that predates HDMI and DisplayPort.

Gamers wanting to connect their Xbox Series X to a PC monitor with DVI connectivity must use a secondary connection for their audio. DVI does not carry any audio signals.

After DisplayPort, DVI is the next best option for connecting an Xbox Series X without using an HDMI connection. Using DVI will offer way better quality than using a legacy connector.

Connect Xbox Series X Using a VGA Converter

Video Graphics Array, often abbreviated as VGA, was first introduced in 1987 and became an essential component of many PC monitors, projectors, and televisions. VGA initially had a resolution of 640 x 480, but later iterations could display images up to 1080p.

Of course, the Xbox Series X cannot connect to such devices using an HDMI cable but can work with the help of an HDMI to VGA converter.

When searching for VGA converters online, many options are available, and some may be tempted to use the cheapest solution. Although this may work, it could be of poor quality and also prone to premature failure.

The maximum resolution of devices containing VGA connections is 1080p. Although there is a noticeable drop in quality compared to 4K resolution, it provides enough clarity to enjoy gaming on an older display.

HDMI to VGA Converter Xbox Series X
HDMI to VGA Converter for Xbox Series X

Using Component Vido YPbPr Converters for Xbox Series X

YPnPr is a consumer video format that offers enhanced quality over previous-generation connections. YPbPr is an acronym for the color space used when presenting visuals. An outline of these components is as follows.

  • Green (Y): Controls the brightness and sync information.
  • Blue (Pb): Controls the differences between blue and luma.
  • Red: (Pr): Controls the difference between red and luma.

The main difference between RGB and YPbPr is that RGB represents the colors as red, green, and blue, while YPbPr represents the colors as brightness and two different signals for color. Although considered an advancement of RGB, the video format delivers colors in a different way which can help render on-screen visuals with more accuracy.

Though component YPbPr video is better quality than the older composite connection, it is not on par with a modern digital connection such as HDMI or DisplayPort, or even DVI.

Using Composite Video With RCA Connectors

The initial design of the RCA connector was carried out in the 1930s and became standard on many electrical items in the decades that followed, including televisions, stereos, and video game systems.

An RCA connector is also referred to as an RCA phono connector or phono connector, attributed to its popularity in the early television and radio industry. RCA is an abbreviation of the Radio Corporation of America, citing its first use. RCA leads are designed to carry one signal; therefore, 3 cables are used—one for video, one for the right audio channel, and one for the left audio channel.

This is the connection method of last resort. The Xbox Series X | S, as with the previous generation Xbox One, all support resolutions much greater than what a composite video connection can handle.

Unless you are connecting to a standard-definition TV, there is no good reason to even consider this option.

Drawbacks to Not Using an HDMI Cable

Despite there being methods available when connecting an Xbox Series X without HDMI, there will often be a sacrifice in the quality of the game. The drawbacks can depend on the type of game being played.

Although an older display can often contend with retro video games and those with a similar aesthetic, playing premium titles filled with open worlds and immersive elements may not always translate well without an HDMI lead.

It is worth noting that the HDMI port found on the Xbox Series X and S is HDMI 2.1, the latest edition, which offers many more features than past iterations. HDMI 2.1 can handle 4K (3840X2160) resolutions at up to 120 Hz refresh rates.

One area that the Xbox Series X is still lacking when compared to PC is the lack of support for multiple displays or ultrawide displays. This is not the end of the world, but support for ultrawide monitors would have been great.

It was probably decided not to be supported as a cost-saving measure. In the end, Microsoft probably knew most gamers would not be impacted. If you do want to use an ultrawide monitor with your Xbox, there are a number of ways of handling this.

The Xbox Series X | S Also Lack Support for Ultrawide Displays

Can The USB Ports on Xbox Series X and S Be Used for Displays

The USB ports on an Xbox Series X and Series S do not have any ability to function as a display output. The USB ports are for connecting your Xbox controller and for connecting storage devices only.

Tips for Finding the Right Converter

Although converters are available for almost all connection types, this does not mean that gamers should choose the first option they find. Instead, considerations should be made beforehand so Xbox Series X owners can find the right solution.

If possible, use a digital connection such as a DisplayPort or DVI connection for best picture quality and best signal reliability.

Analog connections, including VGA, YPbPr, and composite video, are also options. However, most people will not be happy with the resulting image quality, especially on modern game titles.

How to Connect Xbox Series X | S to TV Without HDMI

Final Thoughts: Connecting Xbox to Non-HDMI Displays

Despite the lack of ports on Microsoft Xbox Series X and S, converters and adapters make connecting to a display without HDMI possible.

Given that HDMI displays are quite common these days, and given that you probably want to get the best picture quality possible out of your latest generation Xbox, most people should probably stick to using HDMI. The vast majority of TVs in people’s homes have rear or side HDMI ports on them.

The only exception is if you already have a high-quality gaming monitor that only has DisplayPort on it. Fortunately, DisplayPort can match the quality of HDMI, and most monitors now come with DisplayPort and HDMI.