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Can a PS5 be Used as a PC

Undoubtedly the latest generation of game consoles are the most PC-like consoles ever released in terms of gaming performance. The Xbox Series X and the PS5 both use hardware that is very similar to that of a mid-level gaming computer. This is great news for anyone who prefers the console gaming experience yet wants the additional graphics power traditionally reserved for PC gaming. It is also great for people on a budget.

The latest generation Sony PlayStation 5 is an affordable way to play modern games at higher frame rates than a similarly priced gaming PC. One advantage to gaming computers is that they can also be used for other tasks such as web browsing, document creation, and even video editing.

For many people, a gaming PC can serve double duty for productivity and for gaming. One common question about the latest generation PS5 console is about using it as a PC. It does use PC-like hardware, after all.

Unfortunately, the PS5 cannot be used as a PC. It is strictly for gaming, and that is it. The latest generation flagship console from Sony is not intended to be used for productivity whatsoever. This makes perfect sense when you think about the intended function of a game console.

Unlike the Xbox series X, the latest generation Sony PS5 does not even include a web browser. Admittedly the vast majority of people never used the browser on the PS4 system anyways, and it was considered a potential security vulnerability.

Can a PS5 be Used as a PC
Can a PS5 be Used as a PC

As PC-like as the hardware behind the PS5 is, it is not a PC and is not intended to function as a PC. If your sole reason for wanting to purchase the latest generation console is gaming, you are in good company. A recent survey showed that 95% of game console owners appreciate the simplicity offered by console gaming and have no interest in PC-like functionality.

If Sony were to make the PS5 a full fledge PC, they would alienate a huge percentage of the console market. Most console gamers do not want PC-like functionality. The numbers show that this is absolutely the case.  

The lack of PC functionality also helps to keep the cost lower. The amount of raw gaming power packaged tightly into a product that costs less than $500 is truly next-generation. To get similar gaming performance on a computer would require spending considerably more money. Of course, the gaming computer can also be used for other PC functions in addition to gaming. For some gamers, this matters to them greatly, and to others, it makes no difference at all. If you strictly care about gaming, the PS5 is a great option.


The gaming performance gap between consoles and PCs has been thoroughly busted. Beyond that, consoles are still consoles, and PCs are still PCs. If you want PC functionality, purchase a PC. A computer has many uses beyond just gaming. If you want a simplified, stress-free, high-performance gaming experience at an affordable price, the latest generation Sony Ps5 will not disappoint.