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Best MTU Settings for PS4 – Complete Guide for 2022

The MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) defines how data is communicated between two devices on the network. If a packet exceeds the size you’ve set up, it is fragmented and sent in several packets instead. This will increase latency and decrease throughput.

Several factors can affect your MTU settings, including Quality of Service (QoS) settings, whether or not you’re pushing traffic across a wired connection, and your router’s speed. In this article, we will discuss the best MTU settings for PS4.

PS4 MTU Settings

What is MTU

The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is the max size of a data packet. The MTU is a field in the header of an packet that indicates how many bytes can be contained in an packet.

MTU settings can impact performance. Too small of MTU will reduce your bandwidth and too large will result in packet loss and latency problems.

What Do MTU Settings Do on PS4

The MTU settings on the PlayStation 4 set the maximum transmission unit (MTU) that your console will accept. The MTU is a value that specifies the size of packets that can be sent and received through a network connection.

The MTU settings on the PlayStation 4 set the maximum transmission unit (MTU) that your console will use. The MTU is a value that specifies the size of packets that can be sent and received through a network connection.

This setting affects how large of a packet your PlayStation 4 can send or receive.

Does MTU Setting Matter

When it comes to the internet, the MTU (maximum transmission unit) setting is one of the most defining characteristics of your internet dependency. The MTU setting tells you how big a piece of data can be transmitted from one computer to another.

Routers use it as an essential factor in choosing the best network link for data traffic delivery and also drop communication errors. But what is going on behind the scenes? Here are some of the reasons why does MTU setting matter.

Improves Network Performance

When the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) setting is set to too large of a value, data packets may be fragmented and lost.

If the MTU is set too small it will reduce the amount of available bandwidth for you devices to use.

Increases Security Risks

To secure networks from attacks and intrusions, all devices must agree on what constitutes a packet, allowing packet switching. The MTU is how large these packets are allowed to be before they are split into smaller pieces that can be sent across the network at different times or in different ways, such as via multiple routes or spoofed IP addresses.

If this information isn’t included, then there is no way for all devices on your network to know who’s sending them what and where they’re going so they can determine whether it’s safe or not. This can open up holes in your security system and allow unauthorized users access to sensitive information or data that shouldn’t be accessible by anyone but you.

It Helps in Avoiding Fragmentation

Fragmentation happens when packets from different sources get separated from each other and are put into different parts of a data packet. This can cause packet loss, latency, and other issues if you don’t have an excellent way to fix this. When setting up your MTU, you must take care of fragmentation because it can cause many problems with your network connection.

It Helps in Reducing Congestion

When there is congestion on your network, it can slow down traffic coming through your routers and switches, leading to severe issues with your business or home network connection if left unchecked for too long. If you set up an MTU that’s too small, then more data will be sent through individual packets, which will only worsen congestion issues on your network connections.

MTU Settings Download Speed PS4

Best MTU Settings for PS4

Finding the best MTU settings is useful if you are experiencing connection issues such as slow download speeds or high latency. The vast majority of people have no reason to change MTU settings on PS4 as the default settings are generally good.

Let me tell you upfront that there is no best setting for MTU that will work best for everyone. It depends on a variety of factors including network latency, router configuration, type of data traffic, etc.

However if you want to try some different MTU settings on you PS4 listed below are a few suggestions to try.


The default MTU on PS4 is 1500, which generally is a good choice for most situations. This is especially true if you have a high quality router and an internet connection with low latency.


1473 is a good option for if you want to attempt to lower you latency (ping) at the expense of slightly slower downloads. 1473 is a good starting point if you wish to try changing your MTU settings.


1450 is a good choice if you are willing to sacrifice more download speeds in exchange for more ping stability. This is especially good for FPS games such as Call of Duty.

Latency is much more important than speed for gaming on PS4.

Once again there are just some settings you can try. Most people have no reason to change their MTU settings. The default settings are generally ideal.

Other Ways to Speed up PS4 Downloads

The PS4 has undoubtedly been one of the best selling consoles of all time. Downloads for PS4 can be huge in size. Here are a few techniques that can help to speed up your downloads.

Turn Off Background Downloads in Settings.

Another way to speed up your PS4 downloads is by turning off background downloads in Settings under Services & Support options on your PlayStation 4. This will prevent apps from downloading while playing games or watching videos on Netflix or Hulu Plus (if you use those services).

You can also turn off background downloads if you’re downloading files from a USB drive and don’t want them downloading while you play games or watch movies/TV shows on Netflix or Hulu Plus (if you use those services).

Switch To A Wired Ethernet Connection

The Wi-Fi chipset used on the PS4 is notoriously slow. In fact some of the older PS4 models do not even support the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band. This can reduce download speeds substantially. Fortunately you have the option of connecting your Sony PlayStation 4 using an ethernet cable. This is going to result in faster downloads and lower latency in games.

Find the Best Ethernet Cable for PS4

Contact Your ISP

There may be a problem with your connection. Your ISP will be able to determine if the signal levels you are receiving to your modem are within spec. This can have a huge effect on your download speed. Also ask your ISP about the possibility of bumping up the bandwidth of your internet plan. Often times you can get a bump in speed for little to no additionally monthly cost.

Wrapping Up

The best MTU value on your PS4 will depend on your internet connection. The default settings are generally the best choice. If you want to try different MTU settings , it is usually best to choose a few different values, test them out and see which ones are the most consistent.

If you have followed these steps and still have issues reaching MTU values that work correctly, then it may be time to contact your ISP for more assistance.